“One-Stop-Shop” – facilitating basic, additional and specialty home watch services for our clients!


A&M Home Watch Services is truly a One-Stop-Shop and we pride ourselves in being adaptable to virtually any situation when it comes to taking caring of homeowners and what they need during normal times and of course when emergencies occur.  Although Southwest Florida is a beautiful place to live the weather can be very unpredictable prompting power outages leaving your home unprotected and because of our tropical climate severe damage can wreak havoc on properties. 

Recommendation according to the National Home Watch Association 

At minimum your house should be checked by a certified and accredited Home Watch Company on basic services.  Damage needs to be repaired as soon as possible, especially when you have an electricity outage or plumbing problems.  A Home Watch Inspection/Check is defined by the NHWA as a visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues.

A vacant home is very vulnerable home and needs to be checked frequently.  A lot can happen in a month, so it recommended to have a home watch inspection conducted weekly or at a minimum bi-weekly (twice per month).  Below is a list of basic, additional and specialty services we offer at a competitive price:


  • Verify that all doors and windows are properly secure to prevent break-ins.
  • Check for evidence of water leaks or damage and check for visual signs of mold and mildew.
  • Visual inspection for signs of insects and or rodents.
  • Check that A/C is cooling property and reset thermostat and humidistat settings (hygrometer check).
  • Change the A/C air filter monthly provided by clients (filters can be provided by A&M HWS for a nominal fee)
  • Run faucets, sink disposal, and flush toilets.
  • Check that main water valve is turned off after each inspection (unless otherwise requested by client).
  • Check electric panel for tripped breakers and make sure electric water heater breaker is turned off.
  • Visual inspection throughout property including lanai and garage.
  • Walk exterior perimeter of single-family homes to check pool condition, screening, signs of vandalism, etc.
  • Prepare an Inspection Checklist Report during each home watch inspection.
  • Immediate reporting to Client of any abnormalities found.


In addition to basic home/property watch services, CLIENT may engage A&M HOME WATCH SERVICES, LLC to perform one or more of the following additional services as needed by the CLIENT from time-to-time:

  • Home Access (to contractors, vendor/service providers access to the home at client’s request)
  • Coordinate Maintenance or Repair Services
  • Waiting for Services (repairs, service, installation, delivery, etc. at client’s request)
  • Package Services (package pick up or bring in packages into the client’s home)
  • Rubbish Services (place trash and/or recycling bins out for pick up and return to home)
  • Serving as CLIENT’s liaison with licensed general contractors and licensed specialty contractors
  • Mail Services (mail pick up and forwarding to client)
  • Home Preparation (opening up or closing down a home in preparation for the arrival or departure of a guest and/or client)
  • Renter Services (check-in or check-out a renter conducting a walk through before or after rental periods)
  • Pre-storm Inspection/Assistance
  • Post-storm Inspection/Assistance
  • Other Services (grocery shopping, car services, etc.)


  •  Home Security Checklist & Risk/Mitigation Home Assessments
  • Personal Vehicle Inspection (trickle charger, battery maintainer, start car if requested, check for fluid leaks/damage, tire pressure, check battery/charge if needed)
  • Other Services listed in the agreement

 Pricing for basic home watch service starts at $40 per visit for condo’s and $40 for small single-family homes.  Other pricing dependent on the size of the home and specific services requested.

“Home Watch is a visual inspection of a home or property,
looking for obvious issues.”