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Trust and professionalism are some of the main issues when making a decision to entrust a company in watching your home.  A&M Home Watch Services is company you can trust and A&M Home Watch Services is Veteran owned, bonded, insured and accredited by the National Home Watch Association.  A&M is owned and operated by proven professionals dedicated to providing premier Home Watch Services.  Knowing you are entrusting the care of your home and property with honest professionals of high integrity is absolutely paramount in having peace of mind.  We are also unique in being a multi-lingual company serving Dutch and German speaking communities.


“Our primary mission is to provide professional and high level of Home Watch Services.
We will watch your home and property as if it was ours!”

A&M Home Watch Services was founded in large part to provide a professional and a high level of service to an ever-growing seasonal population in Southwest Florida.  The owners have a highly reputable and credible history of providing community service in highly stressful situations by protecting and saving lives.  A&M Home Watch Services is unique in that it has highly skilled professionals with backgrounds in Public Health and Military/Law Enforcement.  Having backgrounds in Public Health and Military/Law Enforcement make A&M Home Watch Services uniquely qualified and the right choice to watch your home.  They are experienced professionals used to working under extremely stressful situations and getting results.

Leaving your home vacant for any period of time period can pose many potential risks, particularly in Southwest Florida.  Damage (e.g. by weather or criminals), vermin, mold and germs can result in high costs when they are detected too late.  It can also result in potential health problems.  A&M Home Watch Services provides a variety of services and offers various services to their clients.

A&M Home Watch Services’s unique experience in health care and law enforcement make for an excellent combination in providing home watch services.  We provide our services in Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero and Fort Myers, FL.

You Should Be Concerned
About Making A Claim!

It is important to ensure your home is checked frequently in Florida.  Otherwise if you have water damage and or water related damage and it is not detected with 13 days and reported your insurance company can deny your claim.  Having your home checked weekly by a Certified Home Watch Professional using a GPS enabled electronic reporting system can document the date, time and exact location pin pointing the longitude and latitude proving the Home Watch was conducted.  This documented report can be used to support an insurance claim for water damage.   Read more about “Problems for Florida Policyholders“.

A&M Home Watch Services uses QRIDit, a GPS enabled electronic reporting system.

Dear Alan & Marjo,

Thanks again for taking such good care of our home while we were away. We appreciated all of the weekly updates as well as your assistance in preparing our home for the threat of hurricane Dorian. It put us at ease knowing our home was in such good hands.
We rate your service as 5 Stars out of 5 and will definitely recommend your service to others looking for a trustworthy home watch provider. Thanks again for all your help, Joe & Linda.

L&J R.

“Home Watch is a visual inspection of a home or property,
looking for obvious issues.”